Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh My!

My Brambleberry order came in today!! I feel a little bad for the delivery guy though. I don't know why they won't drive up our driveway, but every time I have a package (which is way too often; seriously, it's like I have a birthday every month) they park in the street and walk all the way up our drive.

But my order came in!! What did I order? I'm so glad you asked. Here, I'll show you.

 Baby blocks mold for the shower. I love the little feet!

 This is one of their "oops" molds. It was on a sheet of molds that were imperfect. Rather than recycle them, Brambleberry sells them at a discount. It was hard to stop at three.

 Another "oops" mold. Can't wait to use this one.

 This will be great for 4th of July. Wish I had more than one.

 I'm going to blend this fragrance with honeysuckle as soon as they get more in stock.

 You wouldn't think this would smell good but it is amazing.

 Every order gets a free fragrance sample. Tropical vacation. Mmmmm!

 This is the fragrance I am going to use for the baby shower soaps.

 Three natural colors for me to use in CP soap.

Five un-natural (but awesome) colors that will be used in both CP and MP.

I will probably make some of the soaps today. More pictures will come tomorrow.

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