Thursday, March 10, 2011

Texas, Tubs, and Soap!

Well, I'm back at the apartment after almost three days at the myself. I must admit, it has been a long time since I was out in the country alone. Long enough that it was a little nerve racking at first.

But I survived. Not just being alone and surrounded by woods but also the Farmer's trip to Texas. Why was he in Texas? He has to go once a year for his job. At least this year I wasn't at the apartment. I was free to go outside and play if I wanted to.

Did I? No. For two reasons. One) because I was too gloomy. Honestly. I just didn't feel like doing anything. And yes, it was like this last year too.

Two) it was raining most of the time.

He did come back with some good stories though.

Like: the store called him as he was on the plane and told him that our tub had arrived. Remember that tub? The one that wasn't going to be in for a month because it was on back order? Yeah, that tub. So, as soon as he got home and I fed him a decent meal, we went to the store and arranged for a delivery! YAY!!

And: the hotel store soap was awful. Why is this funny. It's not really but it did put a smile on my face. The reason being is because almost a year ago, I started making our own soap. We haven't bought soap, shampoo or conditioner for almost a whole year. And I have to admit, I have sometimes wondered if it was the right choice.

Apparently "normal" soap is slick and snotty. And it coats your skin. My soap washes off quickly and clean, but the soap at the hotel took awhile to wash off. It made me feel good. We made the right choice.

The Farmer also came back with freebies. I got a new jacket and sweatshirt. It amused him that they were giving away winter things when it was seventy degrees outside but he took them anyways.

He also went to the Alamo while he was there. As soon as I can, I will post pictures.

House updates have been slow in coming because we have had other things to do. Later this week we are off to Chattanooga to celebrate my Grandaddy's birthday!! However, we did manage to put some tile down in what will be the laundry closet.
That is the kitchen floor in the back, by the way. Yes, it matches the bathroom floor. It too is being redone. Soon.

We are almost finished with the master closet. One more coat of drywall mud should do it.
Looks like Heaven's light is shining down doesn't it. It's not, we just bought a pretty light that looks like water on the walls.

It feels like it has been raining forever. If it doesn't stop soon, we may not get our garden done. When it rains, the Farmer spends time down in the creek. Before we came it was a dumping ground and now when it rains hard, the creek actually overflows and floods the entry bridge. So, the Farmer is trying to get rid of some of the pile and get the creek flowing more freely. He says it will help.
Not a great picture but since it was raining, I couldn't get closer. But you can see how high the water is. And you can see the pile on the left side of the screen. He wants it gone.

He did find a treasure out there though.

Fantastic. Apparently they are down in the creek quite a bit. Just never when I go to look for them. Oh well.

I suppose that's it for now. I'll have more pictures soon, hopefully of my new bathtub. And, as I keep reminding the Farmer, we can actually move in after the bathroom is done. Our lease is up in June but I don't think it will be that long til we are in the house!

Thanks for reading!

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