Friday, February 18, 2011

Catch Up

When I was in middle school I loved history.

I even got an award for best history student. It was at one of the many ceremonies the school loved to put on and make parents come to. I remember sitting in the uncomfortable chairs on the gym floor while the parents sat on the bleachers.

Actually I think I fell asleep. Just sitting there hearing name after name being called.

Yeah, I fell asleep.

I do remember hearing my name though. You see, they hadn't alerted me that I might be getting an award, so all the usual students who were used to recognition were dressed nice. I was in my khakis and collared shirt.

Yes, they made us wear khakis.

Anyways, being a lover of history has led me to give you a history lesson. I promise it will be short. It's not about ancient Egypt(which is one of my favorite topics, mythology being another) it's about the last month.

We closed on our house, on Jan. 14 and have been working on it ever since. Now, since the Farmer works a job in the city we have only been able to work on his days off. So, we have only been working on the house for about ten days.

We have done a lot in ten days.

The house began as a three room, one bath, with a small kitchen and a decent size living room. It will eventually be a two room(with a fabulous walk in closet), one bath. We will also have an office and and pantry. The living room will shrink a bit, as will the bathroom. The kitchen will remain small but there is nothing we can do about that, so I will learn to adjust.

He is also going to build me a bay window! I can't wait to put the Christmas tree up in front of it.

The office also serves as the library for we have lots and lots( I could bore you a million lots here but I will refrain) of books.

So far, only the walk in closet is completely done. But for it to be done we have torn out walls, replaced all the insulation(yuck), completely re-worked the whole electrical system(it was a mess, and very dangerous), built walls back up and put up the drywall.

When I type it, it doesn't seem like a lot, but consider: it has only been the two of us(well, my grandaddy has come up twice and helped but he has about as much experience as me, never the less, he was a big help), and while the Farmer has helped build houses before, I never have. So, he has been teaching me as we go and I think it has slowed us down, although he would tell you different.

When I post pictures I can give you much more details, but now, you are caught up and now when I tell you that on his vacation next week(YAY!!) we are going to finish the master bedroom and start on the guest bedroom and the bathroom, you won't be wondering how we have gotten to this point.

Oh yeah, we are also hoping for some good weather so we can start building our chicken coop! I have to give him playtime outside. I think he would wither and die if he had to stay inside 24/7.

Thanks for reading

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