Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Farmer's Perspective - Part 1 - Security on the Homestead

I would like to interject now and again on this blog as to certain observances that my wife may "forget" to discuss.  Importance is many times a matter of perception, and homestead security is not without priority.

There are no security lights out where we live which is not at all bad.  All of our neighbors are farmers and we all stick to ourselves, while watching the neighborhood for anything out of the ordinary.  Besides, just down the road is a guard donkey... you don't want a piece of that.  Needless to say, without all of that light pollution, I haven't seen the stars clearer since I was 18 years old sitting on the roof of our pole barn.  This situation did make my wife a little nervous at first, and I can see why... when it's that dark you can't see the 'possums and rabbits jacking up the car to steal the tires.

After a bit of lamenting I agreed to get her a driveway security system (motion activated) which after some coupon clipping, I was able to get on sale for $12.  (Don't be fooled, I splurge way more often than I should... but I want those pennies to squeal).  The unit is pictured below.  And so I went through the trouble of setting up the sensor so that it couldn't be seen from the driveway.  This included trimming some weed trees and stacking some 50 lb limestone slabs until she was satisfied.  With this system in place we were sure to be alerted of anyone coming up the drive unannounced.

Day 1 - no one came.
Night 1 - three rabbits and a house cat came by between 12:00 am and 4:00 am to sell encyclopedias.  I asked them if they had any idea what time it was and sent them on their way.

Day 2 - no one came.
Night 2 - 5 more furry visitors disturbed our slumber... and I didn't bother to answer the door. (If I ignore them they may just go away).

Needless to say, we have been here for a month now and the bell unit is... should we say... conserving energy.   If you ever look into one of these units, I have to admit that I'm very pleased in its performance, but please be cautious as to where you place it.  Sometimes the home security system is the only one you need... or a guard donkey... *shudder*.

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