Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

Last week just seemed to fly by, which always happens on vacations for some reason. Aside from having a blast, we also accomplished quite a bit on the house. My stove and refrigerator were delivered Wednesday and that very night I made enchiladas.

Why? Because we had been living off canned goods for weeks and frankly, the Farmer and I were sick of them. Not to mention, I just wanted to try out my stove since I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. Were they the best enchiladas ever...yes they were.

We also got the awful bathtub out of the awful bathroom.
Yeah, it's all going away. Far far away. A much prettier bathroom is coming. In fact my new tub should be at the store now, just waiting for the Farmer to pick it up.

We also got the chicken coop started! Hopefully we will be able to order our chickens in a couple weeks!

When the weather warmed up a little, the Farmer bribed me with flower bulbs, and got to play in the stream a little bit. Since it had rained earlier in the week, the creek was running fast.What was the creek missing to make it perfect? A waterfall. So, what did the Farmer do? He built one.
That's right. He spent about two hours of his life piling rocks and mud to make this. Isn't it gorgeous?

We did more things too but I want to start putting more pictures up and I have to organize them first. So I will end with one more activity and two more pics.

On the last night of vacation we did something we both loved. We grilled out. It made the Farmer's vacation. Most men like grilling, I'm told, so the cooking out itself really wasn't a big deal. What made it great was the fact that neither of us had grilled out in about five years, the apartment years. I don't think any burger has ever tasted so good. He also built up a campfire. It was paradise!
(Note: I am not a professional photographer, so these pictures are purely the work of an amateur.)
And I just love this picture.

So, the vacation is over and now we have to go back to only seeing the house twice a week. Hopefully, the house will be move in ready in a few weeks and we can put the apartment behind us. It can't happen soon enough!

Thanks for reading!

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