Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Every once in a while the Farmer and I discover that we want an item that we don't need. Most of the time we are able to bury these wants deep and they trouble us no more.

Then every once in a great while, we discover that there is an item that can not be buried. Usually at that time we stand there in the store for at least twenty minutes and almost dance from one foot to the other in anxiety.

Such a thing happened yesterday. Actually, it also happened about three weeks ago too. We went to the store, just like we had done several times already, to purchase an item(or thirty) for the house. This time we saw the item.

We didn't buy it. We wanted it badly, but we were able to bury the want and concentrate on the more important items on our list. And we forgot about it, or at least didn't think about it.

Then yesterday, we go back to the store. We are looking around the garden section, planning and dreaming about what we will do and then we see it. It refuses to be passed up a second time so the Farmer picks it up and adds it to the cart. Even though we went into the store with a list, we came out with an extra item, a splurge, a hammock.

Yes, we bought a hammock. Then when we got back home, instead of building walls or digging out space for our garden or anything important, we put up the hammock.

True it wasn't a big splurge, but it was still money that we hadn't planned on spending. Usually these splurges make us (or at least me, since I am not contributing to the income) feel extremely guilty. So, I was prepared for the buyers remorse.

Never came. Probably because the hammock is just so much fun! Oh well, maybe I will feel extra guilty about the huge bathtub we are getting.

So, that was our splurge. We still don't have internet at the house so I can't write until we come back to the apartment to take care of the cats. I'm trying to develop the blogger's habit of living with the camera attached to my hand but it is slow in coming. Pictures soon, I promise.

Thanks for reading!

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